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Sada is the home to contemporary Indian labels in Australia. We have a retail outlet/showroom in Adelaide as well as being the wholesale agents for these labels here in Australia.

We are proud to represent these contemporary labels that not only are new and unique to Australia, but are also ethically and sustainably produced.


Studying Fashion Design and Business at MFI in Melbourne in 2014 Jordan instantly resonated with sustainable fashion and the fashion revolution, specifically, hand-loomed fabrics (as oppose to power sourced). It took a trip to India and forming relationships with artisans to solidify her passions of hand-made fabrics.

Jordan started her own label in Southern India using handloom techniques to create a trans-seasonal, sustainable womenswear label, which she operated for four years. This venture took six trips to India, each one forming new relationships with designers and building an understanding of 'slow' fashion that also gives back to disadvantaged communities.


The craftsmanship of Indian fashion is beyond comparable. Their traditional techniques paired with handcrafted processes result in fabrics and designs that forms a lasting impression on the wearer.

Whether it is a hand block printed design that varies between each garment, a hand stitched motif that tells a story, or the quality of the handloom that you notice after years of wear - there is something about the beauty of a handmade piece that changes the way you value it.


The labels we represent produce their garments using high quality, locally sourced raw material. They work with many craft clusters across India applying their handicraft techniques, which helps keep these traditional techniques thriving.

They produce all garments in their local studio, which not only gives them a better control on their quality but also helps them maintain an ethical, fair and inclusive work culture.


If you are interested about these labels or have any questions regarding their processes, please get in touch below!




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